Saturday, March 26, 2011

I’ve Gotta Feelin’

by Rev. Guy Lynch  March/April 2011
Sometimes I just have a feeling. It feels like spirit. It feels like my whole life has led me to this moment:  I am supposed to be minister of this church at this time.

Is it because I am supposed to lead a congregation past the point of just surviving to be a dynamic and thriving church? Perhaps. Am I supposed to be led by you to a different level of ministry? Perhaps. Are we all supposed to stand shoulder to shoulder and move forward together in service to the community? Undoubtedly.

But there is more. How do I know? Because with God, there is always more.

From the moment Jan and I arrived in Vegas, I felt something important was supposed to happen here. I admit that the ups and downs have shaken me. But I feel a new energy. I am revitalized. I am committed to this very important thing. So, what is it? don't know. You and I have continually watched the puzzle pieces come together. This year, I predict that creative minds are going to come together and build something that doesn't just improve this church but will change the way people view what church is.

You and I have been called to be in this place in this moment. It is ours to push and tug and drag one another to create a synergy that will take us to a higher level of consciousness and stretch toward the fullest and best of our potential.                                                                                                                                                          

If there is a message from God in it all, it is that none of it revolves around a single personality-the fact that we don't know what it all finally looks like is irrelevant. The joy of God is found in the journey itself and the fact that we work, love, laugh and cry together.

So let us begin again. Take a deep breath and take the next step with me.  Here . . . we . . . go!!!!!!

Rev. Guy